Do You Trust What Comes Out of Your Tap?

You can with our water filtration systems in South Burlington, Springfield, Middlebury, Rutland, VT & surrounding.

You may think that your tap water is safe and clean, but do you know for sure? It could be filled with unknown contaminants. Public water often has disinfectants, chemicals and other deposits in it. If you use well water, you're even more at risk of dirty water. Luckily, Aerus of Rutland has a solution. We sell water filtration systems in South Burlington, Springfield, Rutland, VT & surrounding.

Our systems make your water safer, healthier and better tasting by treating the water as it enters your home. You'll notice the difference in one glass. Schedule a whole-house water filtration consultation with our team today. We serve homeowners in South Burlington and Rutland, VT.

Browse product options

Browse product options

Not all water filtration systems are alike. You may have specific concerns or needs. We have plenty of systems for you to choose from, including:

  • HF500 - which oxidizes water to remove contaminants without chemicals
  • HF400 - which has full adjustable cycles, allowing it to fit your specific needs
  • HF300 - which doesn't require electricity for the valve or drain to continue working
  • HF200 - which is an NSF-certified system, meaning it's reliable and safe
  • SP200 - which combines two technologies to treat water in a compact system
  • PSHF 500 - which uses smart technology, making it more efficient
We'll help you decide on the ideal whole-house water filtration system that fits your needs and preferences. Discuss your options with us now.